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Robert Pinter signs $450,000 settlement with NYC in federal civil rights false arrest case.


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NYPD Exposed


In the mid-1990s, the NYPD created a performance management strategy known as Compstat. It consisted of computerized data, crime analysis, and advanced crime mapping coupled with middle management accountability and crime strtegy meetings with high-ranking decision makers. While initially credited with a dramatic reduction in crime, questions quickly arose as to the reliability of the data.

The Crime Numbers Game: Management by Manipulation brings together the work of two criminologists- John A. Eterno, Ph. D. Professor Molloy College and a former NYPD captain and Eli B. Silverman, Ph. D.
Professor Emeritus John Jay College of Criminal Justice- who present the first in-dept empirical analysis of this management system- exposing the truth about crime statistic's manipulation in the NYPD and the repercussions suffered by crime victims and those who blew the whistle on this corrupt practice. This is the first comprehensive scientific analysis which exposes a contorted management system that promotes manipulation of crime numbers, arrest and summons quotas, planting of drug evidence, illegal drug arrest, excessive and illegal stop and frisks and additional questionable police practices.

Providing insider insight into a system shrouded in secrecy, this volume:
  • Documents and analyzes a wide array of data that definitively demonstrates the range of manipulation reflected in official New York City crime statistics
  • Explores how the consequences of unreliable crime statistics ripple throughout police organizations, affecting police, citizens, and victims
  • Documents the widening spell of police performance management throughout the world
  • Reviews current NYPD leadership approaches and offers alternatives
  • Analyzes the synchronicity of the media's and the NYPD's responses to the authors' findings
  • Explores the implications of various theoretical approaches to Compstat
  • Offers a new approach based on organizational transparency

More specifically,
Escalating use of Stop and Frisks- From fewer than 100,000 stop and frisks a few years ago, the NYPD now stops over 600,000 citizens in mostly minority neighborhoods. This labels minority youth affording them fewer opportunities. At least 85 percent of these stops are of innocent people who must endure police tactics that infringe on their basic constitutional rights.

Summonses and arrests to meet mindless directives from Headquarters- indiscriminate summonsing and arrest at the behest of top driven enforced quotas. This leaves little room for community and local precinct input.

Manipulation of crime statistics- Downgrading or failure to record crime deprives crime victims of their basic rights and impairs the NYPD's ability to fight crime and terrorism when based on inaccurate crime records.

Current managerial system encourages corruption- when supervisors play games with crime data, this undermines any efforts to create a culture of integrity. This volume of documents iron control from headquarters to numerous corrupt activities such as phony arrest, planting evidence, ticket fixing, illegal stop and frisk.

The NYPD's self proclaimed narrative largely adopted by the media. The NYPD has demonstrated an inordinate influence over the media through manipulation of reporting and suppression of dissent.

Leadership failure- NYPD leadership bullying behavior is examined as it contributes to a culture of secrecy and cynicism. This is documented by police managers and street officers.

Specific Recommendations- The last chapter offers specific recommendations to restore democratic policing and transparency.

Presenting a story of police reform gone astray, this book stunningly demonstrates how integrity succumbed to a short-term numbers game, casting a cloud on the department from which we can only hope it will emerge.

International police leaders lend credibility to this book. Forewords by Sir Hugh Orde, OBE, QPM, President of the Association of Chief Police Officers, England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Commissioner Andrew Scipione, APM, New South Wales Police Force, Australia

What the experts are saying about this fascinating expose

"This book is incredibly important. It shows in graphic detail the dangers of using numerical targets to drive policy. When numbers become the goal, the numbers displace judgement, honesty, and appropriate behavior. The misuse of data is as dangerous and misleading in police work as it is in education and other areas of social policy. Eterno and Silverman blow the whistle on serious matters that should concern us all. Our society's problem can be solved only by intelligence, not by phony indicators and the politicians who misuse data claim hollow progress."
-Diane Ravitch, Ph. D., Research Professor of Education at New York University, author of The Death and Life of the Great American School System, and former Assistant Secretary of Education

"Criminal justice professionals, criminologists, and the general public need accurate and timely statistics for a number of purposes: to assess risks, spot trends, uncover patterns and relationships, make long range plans, and evaluate the effectiveness of anti-crime programs and strategies. This well-documented and pull-no-punches yet scholarly book is significant, revealing- and scary - because it raises serious questions about the trustworthiness of the statistics generated under great organizational pressure and used as performance measures by the Compstat system pioneered by the NYPD."
-Andrew Karmen, Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice and author of New York Murder Mystery: The True Story Behind The Crime Crash of the 1990s.

"These guys are for real. They are pros. The (New York City) police department is trying to disparage their figures but they can't. Silverman and Eterno are speaking the truth. Ignore what they say at you peril"
-Leonard Levitt, Author of NYPD Confidential and a weekly Internet column by the same name.

For more information, contact the authors Dr. John A. Eterno at jeterno@mollov.eduor Dr. Eli B. Silverman at estcompany@optonline.net

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